First published 2002

This collection of 60 poems comprises an exploration of the nine lives of cats.

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Fascinating Felines: Sixty Cat Poems


This collection of 60 poems is all about cats, very much from a zoologist's perspective, including their variety, beauty, independence, affection, sublime indifference, cruelty, skill as hunters...and skill as pets too, adapting their behaviour to fit in with our busy lifestyles, from ancient times to the present day. The author's views are realistic and without illusions, but always and ultimately, retaining a high regard for these fascinating creatures.


The Cat, The Riddle of the Silken Cat, Cryptic, Crepuscular Cats, Out of the Ether, Buster the Cat (Circa 1941), Are they not Cats?, Very Good Wieniawski!, Upon Lifting Wilhelmina, The Lynx, Turfing out the Cats, Through the Eyes of a Stranger, The Cat and the Butterfly, Here Comes Timmy, Semi-detached Cats, Are You a Cat?, Feeding Time, Fascinating Felines, Samantha, The Cat That Never Looks Back, Ghost of a Cat?, Have You Fed the Cat Yet?, Our Furious Cat, The Huntress, The Cat and the Bed, The Finest Cat That I Ever Saw, Action Cat, And As For You, Cat in the Birdhouse, The Cat and the Newspapers, Cats May Sleep All Day, Contemplatory Cat, Doppelgänger Cat, Kaleidoscopic Cat, Owls and Pussycats, The Monster Cat, Advice to a Cat (when leaving it indoors), Old Fruit Cat, Mad Cat Day, Safari Cat, Prisoner of Her Genes, Oxford College Cat, The Cat in the Long Damp Grass, Off to Work, School and Sleep, Barometric Cat?, Cats Will Be Cats, Bubbles, The Glorious Tinkerbell, Upside Down Cat, Car Boot Cat, Flying Cat, Fireworks, Black Cat of the Nevisian Night, Freddie, Lucky the Lizard Eater, The Cat and the Hammock, The White Persian Queen, Lion Tamer and Lions, The Cat Comes In and Out, Strawberry Days, The Urban Panther

What People Say

“ 'Fascinating Felines'  is a hugely entertaining read and I enjoyed reading it tremendously and regularly dip in and out from time to time."  Rt. Hon. Ann Widdecombe PC, DSC (MP for Maidstone from 1987-97 and for Maidstone and The Weald from 1997-2010) 

 "Cat lovers who enjoy reading poetry will appreciate this collection of 60 cat poems by Hugh David Loxdale. The poems cover a wide range of subjects from feeding time to hunting, and mad cats to monsters." Your Cat Magazine 

" 'Fascinating Felines' is ... a little gem, a collection of poems written by a true cat lover. The opening line of the first poem says it all: A most excellent invention is a cat. From good cats to bad cats, from sad cats to mad cats, all feline life is here. If you like poetry and you like cats, you’ll like this book. I’m sure you will love it and so will your cat, who may want to take the instructions given in Advice to a cat on leaving it indoors to heart: You be good and you be true. Don't make a mess Or you're for the zoo!" Richard Allport, Cat World

Selected Poems

The Cat

A most excellent invention is a Cat, 

With its handsome features, sleek coat 

And hazel eyes,

And very good company too; most happy

For a chat.... 

With the added advantage (some would say) 

Of being a good listener, 

Giving few replies.

The Riddle of the Silken Cat

The silken Cat, 

Appearing like the Sphinx - 

Silent and inscrutable - 

Sits, watches...and thinks... 

But exactly what… Is hard to know... 

It observes us In every aspect 

Throughout the day...  

In moods of joy… 

Or black despair... 

In love, nakedness,

In tears, asleep, 

Work, play, aggression, fear.


Perhaps the thoughts 

That flow 

Below its ruffled brow 

Are magnanimous, 

Reflecting affection... 

Or maybe acceptance 

At our behaviour... 

It’s impossible to say.

Or maybe even 

Deep thoughts 

About the meaning 

Of it all... 

And our role 

As benefactors and guardians... 

We large, imperfect creatures

Put on this earth (apparently) 

To house, feed, entertain

And cosset In every way

Throughout their lives, 

Short relative to ours...  

Or most probably 

(Or so we would like to believe)... 

Their thoughts revolve 

Around mere mice 

Scurrying in the darkness... 

An abstraction

Made flesh by sound and smell... 

It is an unsolved riddle

The ancient Egyptians knew well...

Although similarly, 

Could not solve... 

Such is the silken cat 

With its strange, impelling powers 

And which may hold secrets...

But will never tell.

Have you Fed the Cat Yet?

‘Have you fed the Cat yet?’ 

‘No, I only spoke...of food; 

And then...clutched her tightly 

To test her hungry mood. 

I mentioned birds...and mice,

And acts of derring do, 

But she was not amused 

And refused to purr...for you.

Her eyes gleamed a golden,

Her tail swished at length, 

“Come on, do feed me (she said),

Or I’ll quickly strength.” ’